About Us

Eternal Life Cremations features on-site, state-of-the-art cremation units for pets up to 250 pounds.

The Champainy family originated and still owns Valley Kitchen Sales & Service. We have 50 years in the business world and have full knowledge of business and customer service. We are a pet-loving family and have the understanding and compassion for those who have lost a beloved member of their family.

At Eternal Life Cremation Services our goal is to provide closure for the pet owners as quickly as possible. Once we have the pet, we will have the cremains available for the owner in about 24-48 hours with private (individual) cremation to assure they’re getting their pet cremains only. The cremains will be returned in a temporary urn.

Our cremations options are: private, communal (with no ashes returned), memorial service, urns, containers, jewelry, stone markers and pre-planned arrangements. Other optional services available are emergency transportation, pick-up and delivery, including weekends and after-hours.

Cremations are an interment one can live with.